Holiday Lighting

decorations-xmas-tree-decorations-ideas-neighbor-still-has-her-christmas-decorations-on-house-lights-outdoor-christmas-house-decorating-ideas-magnificent-christmas-house-decorationsSharing the holiday spirit

Outdoor Christmas lights are an excellent way to decorate your house and yard during the holidays. With so many colors and styles, the options for creating your “winter wonderland” are endless.

Holiday Landscapes

Dailey Maintenance will trim trees on your lot, outline the lines of your home, and basically add a touch of holiday spirit to any existing fixture that warrants attention. It’s easy to go too far with any decorative effort, but Dailey Maintenance has the experience to maximize the visual quality of your display without sacrificing taste and subtlety.



Decorative Examples

The best way to describe our approach in regards to your display is that we make the most out of what your structure, whether it’s a home or business, has to offer. Every outline, fixture or other object in your yard or lobby is a potential aid and object for tasteful decoration. Below are some brief descriptions not only of what we have done, but at least an initial idea of what we can do for you.


Home/Office Structure Decorations

  • Rooftop icicles
  • Outlining windows, doorways and driveways
  • Outlining lobby walls or office doorways
  • Outlining awnings
  • Stake lighting around walkways
  • Lighted wreaths above doorways

Natural Decorations

  • Sparkling trees
  • Mini-lights for tall palm trees
  • Vibrant displays for large pine trees that will be seen from a distance
  • Candy cane tree trunks
  • “Snow” covered trees of any type
  • Lighting of shrubs or bushes

Of course, these are just a few examples. We have found that no two setups are alike, which is why we always come to see you and formulate a plan that is agreed upon before we get started. We encourage you to “dream up” any scenario you’d like in your mind, and we’ll let you know what it will take to make that dream a reality.

If you have any questions relating to our service, please contact us, and we’ll answer those questions for you immediately. Go ahead and take the next step, and we’ll remove that annual frustration you’ve been feeling by wasting an entire weekend scaling roofs, figuring out why a certain strand of lights doesn’t work and how to maintain your display

We all know that TIME IS MONEY! Our installers are professionally trained and can make your Christmas light hanging dreams come true, while keeping YOU from spending an entire weekend or more in aggravation. Contact us to take the risk out of your Christmas decorating!