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$499 "Moss & Gutter Combo"

Our "Moss & Gutter Combo" combines our Clean Gutter Package™ with roof moss mitigation and debris removal. All for a flat rate of $499! Call us today, and see why we are the "Weapons of Moss Destruction!" (Homes under 5,000sqft or under 4 stories)

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$149 Clean Gutter Package™

Our signature service, the Clean Gutter Package™ is now only a flat rate of $149 for most sized homes! That's right! Only $149 for the entire package! (Hand cleaning, flushing, remedial repairs, clean up and removal of the debris.) Together, we can safely and affordably, keep the Northwest's rain water away from your home's foundation, as the gutter system is intended.

(Offer good only on homes below or under 5000 sqft or less than 4 stories. Gutter screens or protection already in place may change offer price due to additional labor.)

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$499 “Moss & Gutter Combo”

Our Roof Moss & Gutter Combo combines complete gutter cleaning and repair with roof moss mitigation and removal! All for a flat rate of $499! No pressure washing or invasive methods on composite material! Hand removal and cleaning. The right way. (Offer price good on all homes below 5000sqft or 4 stories.) *This offer does not apply to Tile, Wood, Vinyl, or Sheetmetal roofs. To get the best results, pressure washing is needed.

This is more than a mere combination of professional services. This is a combination of quality workmanship, expertise, safety training, and savings to our customers, that simply cannot be beat by any legitimate competitor.

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